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Great BBQ has been an obsession of mine for over 15 years. We have all seen pictures of great looking ribs in restaurant menus. I tried the restaurant ribs; they just never tasted as good as the picture looked. I wanted ribs that tasted better than the picture looked.

I had a vision of lean, spicy, falling-off-the-bone tender ribs, covered in a tangy, sticky-sweet sauce. Heaven on a bone! If I couldn’t buy it in a restaurant, then I was determined to make it myself. I experimented with meats, cooking methods, marinades, spices, and sauces. Each element took time and it was years before I finally found what I was looking for. Now, I have a recipe that will bring friends and family running at the mention: “Andy’s makin’ ribs!”

Until now, my recipe has been a “family secret.” Now it is available through this web site. The cookbook contains step-by-step instructions with pictures. You will make fabulous ribs, even if you have never made ribs before. The cookbook also contains my recipes for Pepper Chicken, Grilled Salmon, Pork Roast, Baked Beans and others.

You don’t need a smoker to make Andy’s Ribs. All you need is a stove, a back yard grill, and Andy’s Rib Rub. My rub is a blend of seven spices that took over five years to perfect. The rub brings out the full flavor and gives the ribs that perfect zip.

The Starter Kit includes the cookbook, Andy’s Rib Rub, and a free sample of my Steak and Burger grill mix.