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All orders with three packages of spices will automatically receive a free Rib Rub!
**Sample Steak & Burger mix doesn’t qualify

Starter Kit

Andy’s Ribs Cookbook with step-by-step instructions and pictures for making Andy’s famous ribs. Includes 11 other recipes as well as helpful cooking tips. You also receive 5 oz. of Rib Rub; enough to make 15-20 slabs of ribs and, a free sample of my Steak and Burger seasoning mix.


Rib Rub — 5 oz.

My blend of seven spices designed to add that perfect touch to my ribs. Although created with ribs in mind, Rib Rub is very versatile and is also great on beef, chicken, fish and even french fries.


Steak & Burger Mix — 5 oz.

Created for a mild, savory flavor. Sprinkle it on steaks, chops, and burgers before you grill. Great on broiled fish.