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Ribs are every carnivore’s dream. If done correctly the meat falls off the bone and provides one of the most enjoyable meat experiences on the face of the planet.

And yet there is still a friendly rivalry across all the states in the U.S. about what exactly the right seasoning is for ribs. It obviously depends on individual taste and to a large extent where one grew up. However, when it comes down to the fact of the matter there is really no correct answer. Each seasoning approach can be as valid as any other.

However, for the aspirant grill or barbecue master, working knowledge of rib seasoning is absolutely essential. You do not have to stick to one style – but exploring the various styles of seasoning can add not only to the fun of preparing ribs – but also to the enjoyment of those who will be consuming them.

There places in the United States where the sauce or marinade rules the roost, but a working knowledge of seasoning is always at the heart of great ribs.

Here are some seasonings that might offer great taste and enjoyment.

Firstly there is the sweet run which is much loved in the South. Its base is brown sugar – but the addition of cumin and smokey paprika adds that depth of flavor and a small bit to the recipe. The ideal rub for both pork and beef ribs. Rub it on and leave overnight in the refrigerator. No need for any marinade.

Now many people would say that a well-respected steak rub has no place on ribs. They’d be wrong. There’s the reason that classic steal rubs have stood the test of time. They are simply incredible at bringing out those meaty flavors.

A great steak rub can do wonders for a rack of ribs. Try this one out.

Onion powder, garlic powder (or fresh garlic). Add a dash of black pepper, freshly ground and oregano, thyme, cumin, and that stalwart smoked paprika. Cayenne pepper gives it a bit of bite.

Here’s an interesting one that will provide a depth of flavor to any ribs. Now for people who shy away from something sweet this may not seem like the best idea. But if you do not try it you will never experience one of the most wonderful tastes when it comes to rib seasoning. It is perhaps better suited for beef ribs – but it’ll still complement pork ribs. It is a bit to forward to try with chicken or other meats, but for steak and ribs, it’s great.

This seasoning is a combination of cocoa, cinnamon, and coffee. For many people a dash of grated dark chocolate or cacao powder ads that little bit something extra.

There’s another related seasoning rub that those with a taste for something a bit spicier might like. Takeout the chocolate and add dried peppers, chipotle are ideal.

The fact of the matter is that seasoning for ribs is completely up to you. experiment and have fun. But always make sure that you are using the best and freshest of herbs and spices. Even if they are dried. The results will speak for themselves.

The taste of ribs does not only rely upon its seasoning but also with the way you will cook it. To achieve the best results check out this industrial baking equipment where you can cook your ribs to perfection.

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